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How SiteJabber collect reviews?

1/ Our customer purchases a plan.

2/ He gets activated and triggers an automatic SiteJabber email invitation.

3/ After a day, he receives the invitation email and can post a verified review.

Our commitment

We ensure that no reviews have been censored or faked out. We want to make sure that it reflects a genuine customer experience. We will never delete or report any honest review. We want to showcase our success with customers and show that we care about bad experiences. Those bad reviews will be useful to improve our system.

Why using SiteJabber ?

We use SiteJabber ​pilot because it is the most trusted review platform available on the internet. They offer fair services as a business and as a consumer. We can use their software for automated review invitations and having much analytics about them. The consumer gets a trusted review platform where he can share his experience from a company. Both will help to improve everyone's experience. We learn from bad reviews, and we improve our services.

Last updated: 07-12-2020

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