Account Ban Wave - Important Update

Updated: Jul 16

Dear DexMining members,

We take the security of our systems very seriously. We have bots that monitor activity on our servers. Our security software are on deck 24/7, alerting us to suspicious-looking account and behavior. Despite our efforts there is still a small percentage of misuse. Our goal is to reduce it to 0. We invest a lot of money in the continuous development of protection against unwanted uses of our application.

Our team is working hard to update the system as often as possible. For everyone's safety, please respect the instructions below.

Even if you are a long time user the restrictions do not change. Anyone is subject to these rules.

When you sign up our system registers your device, even if you're changing browser, network or using incognito tab. Your device will be recognised, this prevent spam or fraud on our behalf. This also let us track your payment when upgrading your account.

We want to share with you how to avoid these restrictions even if you are a paid customer.

  • Do not use proxy or vpn

  • Don't login to multiple device even if you own multiple computer or mobile

  • Provide your main email account

  • Don't share your account with anyone

  • Don't use Tor browser or any software that hide your identity

  • Don't withdraw to multiple account or btc wallet too often it will flag your account and it might get your account subject to restrictions.

  • Don't withdraw too often (it means more than one time per day)

  • Provide your real informations (Real name, address, phone number)

  • Don't provide fake phone number, our system send texts in order to verify your account

  • In some countries Crypto's are banned so don't try to use our service out there

  • Don't use a hacked card or one that not belongs to you to purchase a plan

  • Some withdraw feature are subject to heavy verification make sure to follow instructions. Some entity are very strict about crypto's and better be in order with their guidelines to avoid any problem.

We have successfully banned over 300 accounts this month and the numbers keeps rising.

The more popular our service becomes, the more it is prone to fraud.

This list is not exhaustive. In conclusion we want everyone to use our systems fairely for both of customers and for.

Thank you for your cooperation, we look forward to work in long term with our customers.

We remain available at for any queries or suggestion.


The DexMining Team

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