DexApp Wallet & Withdraw Update Note

DexApp Wallet & Withdraw Update Note

DexApp Wallet & Withdraw Update is here and we’re introducing brand new features. We are doing our best everyday to provide the best customer service available.

Also in this update we are adding 100 slots for free trial members, stay tuned to get yours (if you're not a paid member).

There’s a lot to cover this update, so let’s take a tour of it.

New Feature: Built-In Wallet

“We almost named it DexWallet”

Here it is, a complete built in wallet for free with paid features. The best security out on the market, protect yourself from hacker and scammer online. Get a cashback on purchase to partner, and much more. This is only the beginning. It is totally free to use and available for everyone, we will run classical fee for all transaction. We'll write a detailed post very soon !

Want to try it ?

We'll email you as soon as server are on and ready, then you will be able to send a small amount to try it out. Even 1 dollar and see the magic happens.

Improved UI

You can now navigate through your wallet and withdraw feature smoothly.

We've changed the menu to make it simpler and faster. Mining let you manage your mining status. Wallet include your built in wallet and withdraw feature.

New Bitcoin Withdraw UI

You can now set the frequency and withdraw directly from the app without having to make a demand for your first time. Our goal is to make the DexApp 100% self service.


We really want to improve our service thanks to your feedbacks. Our team is working hard everyday to provide you the best updates possible. You will never find a team devoted to improve the service and app even after release. Most of them release and do no update even letting people with an unfinished product. With DexMining we do the opposite.

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