How To Purchase With A Card

How To Purchase With A Card

How to Purchase Directly With Your Card (Debit or Credit)

You are able to get the same activation delay than a regular Bitcoin payment using your Card. Simply open a new order window from DexMining. Let the window open while doing the easy steps below. It will recognise your payment as regular BTC payment. Basically your card will exchange it's USD to BTC through Coinmama. Once you complete the steps below the payment will show up COMPLETED and your account upgraded. Note that you benefit the same 30 days money back guarantee than a regular payment. Here’s how to do it:

1/ Sign up/log in at Coinmama

2/ Specify the amount required + 10% (cover Coinmama fee) add the Bitcoin Address shown on your DexMining payment page it will send it directly as a regular payment.

Make sure to add 10% of the initial amount in order to cover Coinmama Fee and receive your upgrade immediately after your payment. And double check all information including our Bitcoin Wallet.

3/ Fill in the info about your card and finish the deal.

Credit Card Payment Processor

4/ Complete ID Verification and get your DexMining Payment Done

ID Verification Process

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