Important Update

We're closing all our upgrades. It means that you won't be able to get your account running and obtain earnings from your mining plan.

We especially want to inform you that bitcoin has to exceed the $15,000.00 mark, and it is your last chance to start working with us.

To not penalize you, we have decided to leave access to the last interested people via a limited offer available until the first of December.

DexApp Plus: $199 instead of $399 (Click here to purchase)


DexPro Standard: $349 instead of $899 (Click here to purchase)

You won't find any similar offer anywhere else. Please take advantage of it because you will no longer have the possibility to upgrade your account.


Why we're closing upgrades?

It is no longer profitable for us to sell these upgrades because the service costs are too high. By paying our customers, we have very little income. That's why we decided to focus on a brand new project, which is to create our own coin. So if you still want to join our site, now is the time. This new project will be available only to premium members of our site. This is one more reason to join our low-cost services via the offer above.


We're still available at and through the phone (prioritize text because we are busy with calls).

Thank you,

Wayne from DexMining

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