Server Based Update Note #1

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Server Based Update is here for everyone and we’re kicking off this month of November with a big change, make the app fully Dynamic!

With new features like a 4 Level completely free earning rewards. We want that more people try our DexApp before buying.

Here’s some important points we need to emphasise:

Server Maintenance Schedule

Phase 1 11/10 04 AM PST - 11/11 09 AM PST

Phase 2 11/17 04 AM PST - 11/18 09 AM PST

Note: During the maintenance your hardware is still running but the DexApp server are down. It means that your balance won’t update until we turn back on syncing. DexPro users are not affected by any maintenance or delay.

Here is a limited offer until the 16th of November. Note that will be the LAST offer available on Pro upgrade variant. Those are slots limited, so if you really want to join at the best price this is the time to do it.

Bug fixes

We fixed several display bugs on pc, the mobile version needs more in depth work. We thank you for your patience.

DexApp Payment system update

Thanks to the Server Based update our built in payment system is now even faster. Once you've made the payment and that your payment got only 2 verification your account is instantly upgraded. No need to wait hours to receive your upgrade.

Free Trial Update

You can now enjoy 4 Levels of free rewards by completing several Tasks. Those are completely free and will never be a paid plan. Note that the free trial is not a Free earning plan but more a taste of what you're getting by upgrading your account.

I wanted to thank you personally for the trust you bring to us. After a long time of work, we finally arrive at a result good enough to satisfy everyone. But know that we work as best as possible to provide you with the best service available on the market. And this require time in order to refine it.

Need help ? We remain at your disposal on 24/7

Thank you,

Wayne From DexMining

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